03/08/2022 Updates

Latest news from Chasing Hits TCG!

  • As of this post, we only have 2 spots left in the Brilliant Stars 144 Sleeved Case Energy Break! We are energy breaking a sealed case, 144 Sleeved Boosters of Brilliant Stars.
  • Meowth VMAX Special Collection boxes from 2020. We have 2 sealed cases, 12 boxes total in route!
    • These boxes include 2 packs of Cosmic Eclipse, 1 pack of XY Evolutions and 2 additional Sun & Moon era packs!
  • Eevee Heros from Japan!
    • We have 3 more booster boxes of Eevee Heros in route from Japan. These move fast so pre order yours so you don't miss out! 
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