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Holiday Mystery Slab Bag

Holiday Mystery Slab Bag

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Each Holiday Mystery Slab Bag will contain at least 1 graded card from the pictures.

Cards are from Pokémon, Weiss Schwarz, Star Wars, Marvel and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Floor is $5

Top chases:

  • Perfect 10 Sully and Boo from Pixar Characters
  • Perfect 10 How to Deal with Toys from Pixar Characters
  • CGC 9 Set, Mythical Collection XY Promos Volcanion and Magearna
  • CGC 8 set, Evolutions Three Pack Blisters Promos, Black Kyurem and Braixen
  • CGC 10 set, sequentially numbered and sequentially graded Mewtow V-Union
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